Rent 50 plastic bins
Blue Bin Size Diagram
Blue Bin lids open
Blue moving BIN with item inside
Blue moving Bin with lids closing
3 Blue Moving Bins Stacked
3 Blue Moving Bins 2 stacked and 1 with lids open
Bottom view of a blue moving bin
Close up of a cable tie on a blue moving bin
2 large stacks of blue moving bins
Blue Bin with a Kitchen Plate & Glassware Insert on a dolly
Perfect fit moving dolly for moving bins

3 Bedrooms Bin Package

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Package includes:

50 Large Capacity Sturdy Plastic Bins 

Perfect Fit Gliding Dollies

1 Perfect Fit Kitchen Plate Insert

1 Perfect Fit Glassware Insert

Duration: 14 days

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Bin Details Specs
Bin Capacity (Weight) 50 lbs
Bin Capacity (Volume) 2.5 Cubic Ft
Bin Weight 5 lbs
Bin Stackability (Full) 5
Bin Stack Capacity (Weight) 250 lbs
Dolly Details Specs
Dolly Capacity (Weight) 650 lbs


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