Why Bins?

If you're like us, when it comes to planning a move, you usually start thinking about how to accumulate cardboard boxes.  And if you don't have time for box-gathering - through visits to grocery stores, or from friends or neighbors - then you're looking for brand new boxes and searching for deals online and hoping for free shipping.  

There is a better way!

Since you're on our site checking out our bin rental service, I'm guessing that you can already see the convenience and value that renting bins has over boxes.  Here's a quick run-down:


  • Order online.
  • We deliver to your current address for free.
  • We pick up from your new address after you've moved in for free.
  • Not need to assemble boxes - they're ready to go.



    • Stackable to 250lbs.
    • Water-proof.
    • Won't crush.
    • Won't tear.

    Saves Time:

    • No need to build boxes with packing tape.
    • No need to run around town for boxes.  We deliver.
    • Packing is faster with uniform bin sizes, easy stacking and a custom-fit dolly to move the bins around.

    Good for the Environment:

    • No need to throw away cardboard.
    • Bins can be used over and over - be part of the re-use economy.


    • Bins are sanitized between each use.
    • No bugs or insect eggs that can appear from used boxes.

    Now obviously if you have a friend who has all the boxes you need and will drop them off at your house, then maybe spending the time building the boxes with packing tape is worth the savings.  But if you'd like to save some time and effort for an already-stressful event, then you might want to move forward with renting bins for your move.  And we do appreciate you considering bins4moves.