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Real Estate Agents Bring Moving Supply Solutions to Clients

Hello Real Estate Agents!

Ready to close a sale?  Help out your clients?  Be a hero?  

Check out Bins4Moves.com

Bins4Moves provides custom moving supply solutions aligned to your clients needs.  Our moving experience will save time, money, and the environment.  When moving what clients don't know can become a problem.  Most people only move a few times in their life, so let us help make it great.

Our clean plastic moving bins are ready to go.  Designed to pack all kinds of items.  No tape or box building.

Bins are strong!  Each holds up to 50 lbs, stackable up to 5 high, water capable, and have a security locking option.  Don't try this with cardboard.

Feature alert!  Our packages include "perfect fit" plate and glasses inserts.  Wrapping and stacking is not needed.  Our customers love this!

Each order includes free drop-off and bins pick up.  Why drive all over town spending time buying, building, and then trying to get rid of cardboard boxes.  We have better things to do.  Oh and free boxes, watch out for insects - YUCK.

AND, we are local, just like you!  No 800 number, call the owner for any questions or special needs.   

Bins Presentation

Check us out, you'll be glad you did.