BINS4MOVES and Two Men And A Truck


In Kansas City, Bins4Moves and Two Men And A Truck have joined forces.

We understand moving can be stressful!

By combining our BINS and an amazing moving team from Two Men And A Truck, your move just got even easier.  

Why BINS? 

  • Pack faster than cardboard yet, more protection for your stuff.
  • Perfect fit dolly included to move BINS as needed quick and easy.
  • BIN inserts provided to pack kitchen plates and more without wrapping.


  • Stackable to 250lbs.
  • Water-proof.
  • Won't crush.
  • Won't tear.
  • Protect your stuff.

Saves Time:

  • No need to build boxes with packing tape. What a PAIN!
  • No need to run around town for boxes.  We deliver.
  • Packing is faster with uniform bin sizes, easy stacking and a custom-fit dolly to move the bins around.

Good for the Environment:

  • No need to throw away cardboard.
  • Bins can be used over and over - be part of the Eco-friendly economy.


  • Bins are sanitized between each use.
  • Stay away from used cardboard. Yuck!