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Thank You Pinnacle Living Property Managers

The BINS4MOVES team was so honored to be invited to share information with the Pinnacle Living Property Managers on Wednesday of this week.  The Pinnacle team manages many great apartment communities in the Kansas City area and would love to keep their communities free of cardboard.

The Kessler community in Prairie Village has residents that are very pleased with their decision to rent plastic bins rather than use cardboard boxes.  All of them will share that they will never move with cardboard boxes ever again!  The plastic boxes are sturdy, hold up to 50 pounds and they fit nicely in a dolly.  If you don’t want to wrap plates and glasses, inserts are available that will make it much easier to pack up a kitchen.

The process of renting bins is simple.  Go to www.bins4moves.com, place an order, the bins ordered will be delivered to you, unpack in your new home and arrange a time for the bins to be picked up.  You won’t need to buy boxes, build boxes, tape boxes or break down boxes and you will save a small piece of the environment because you avoided all of that cardboard.

Moving can be a stressful event.  Save yourself some time.  Keep it simple.  Order on bins on www.bins4moves.com



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