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Kansas City - Time to Try Plastic Moving Boxes?

Moving?..cardboard or plastic boxes/bins?

Where to get them and what do they cost?

  • Cardboard boxes are available at moving co and storage facilities.
  • Cardboard boxes may cost $1.50 extra small to $10 for extra large depending on the thickness of the cardboard. ie dish barrel.
  • You may be able to get free boxes on sites such as Facebook and Craigslist.
  • Rent eco-friendly plastic moving boxes from websites in KC from Bins4Moves.com at or below the cost of new cardboard boxes. Each bin 2 weeks $1.25-$1.50
  • Select companies will deliver plastic boxes to your old home and then pick-up them from your new one from your new place.
  • Plastic moving boxes are ready to go, saving time.

Young couple moving in into new apartment

Easy to pack

  • Cardboard boxes are available in different sizes. Helpful when packing a variety of different weight and sized items.
  • Plastic boxes are sturdy and provide extra protection for fragile items.
  • Plastic moving boxes can be opened and closed multiple times and locked with a cable tie when ready.
  • Plastic boxes have inserts designed for dishes (plates and cups) protecting and significantly speeding up the packing process. 
  • Empty plastic moving containers stack nested - convenient!
  • There are speciality cardboard moving boxes for TVs, other electronics, mirrors or pictures and more.
  • Cardboard wardrobe boxes have bars for hanging your dresses, coats and other clothes. 
  • Plastic boxes are perfect for items that conform to their shape, such as pillows, blankets or stuffed animals.  
  • Plastic boxes do not require tape.  Secure with cable locks..
  • Mark plastic boxes using erase-able markers or vinyl labels.

Stacking and storage

  • Get a dolly specifically designed to fit plastic boxes and 1 for each floor.
  • Use the dolly to move stacked and packed plastic boxes.
  • Plastic boxes are designed to stack - typically 5 high up to 250 lbs.  Each plastic box sits slightly inside the plastic box below creating stability.
  • Plastic boxes will prevent anything spilled from with-in a box from damaging other boxes.
  • Plastic boxes will not tear or rip open if dropped.  Professional quality plastic boxes will not crack or break.

Best material 

  • Cardboard boxes designed for moving are durable.
  • Plastic boxes are more durable due to re-use design and materials.
  • Plastic moving boxes are not damaged by water, if it happens to rain on moving day.
  • A plastic box has handles to minimize the chance of a drop.


Environmental Considerations

  • Plastic moving boxes are designed to be reused many times.
  • Many plastic containers are made from recycled materials.
  • Select cardboard boxes are made from recycled material and are biodegradable.
  • Boxes can also be reused or recycled after you’re done with them, and they are biodegradable.
  • Free cardboard boxes may have insects (silverfish, termites, roaches) as they eat paper.  Free is not a deal if you have to call an exterminator after your move.
  • Insects do not eat plastic containers.

After the Move

  • Rented plastic boxes are typically picked up saving time and a trip.  
  • Because you own cardboard, you can take your time unpacking.
  • Flat cardboard boxes are bulky, awkward to stack, and take up room.
  • Plastic boxes can stack nested saving time when done, important for apartment residents.

The Decision

Cardboard or plastic?  Do what's best for you!  If your in KC, check out Bins4Moves.com




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