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Neighborhood Garage Sales...You In?

Lately, there has been quite a bit of conversation in my neighborhood about whether or not to have a garage sale.  Some of my neighbors have gotten creative and have set up their sale online or are placing signs in their yard that they will only accept online payments.  Either way they are determined to try and sell all of those items they have been cleaning out of their house the last few weeks.  I have several neighbors who tell me they make hundreds of dollars at their garage sales.  I've never been that successful.  However, I do enjoy finding an occasional bargain at someone else's sale.

I looked online today to see how many garage sales were available in my area today and I found 15 of them.  I was surprised at how many were advertised although I anticipate that is quite a small number compared to this time last year.  I found quite a few more when I looked specifically for a "moving sale".  It's amazing how much stuff people want to sell before a move.  Actually, it's amazing how much stuff we as people collect over the years.
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