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Renting Plastic Boxes - Top 10

Top 10 

  1. Rent plastic boxes from a service with free/low cost delivery and pick up
  2. Get a dolly for each level of your apartment or house to move packed and stacks of plastic boxes.
  3. Use an erasable marker on smooth areas of the plastic box or vinyl labels.
  4. Put a number on each plastic box and note the contents
  5. Don't overload plastic boxes.  Recommend no more than 50 lbs
  6. Rent plate and cup inserts, they save time and will reduce the chances of a broken dish
  7. Use trash bags and a vacuum to shrink blanks and bulky clothing to save space
  8. Save money with movers that charge by the hour if renting plastic boxes
  9. They are uniform in size, designed to stack, easy to load
  10. Get zip or cable ties to secure plastic boxes closed
  11. Feel good, you're saving time, money, and the environment






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