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Father's Day from a Daughter's Perspective

I am fortunate that my dad is an active part of my life and we have a good relationship.  When I reflect on the time I spent with him as a child, I always think about the things I learned how to do or the way he helped me accomplish many things.  I helped him work on the car when it needed repair and while I would not work on my own car today, I certainly learned a lot about how things work.  We worked together in the kitchen on food prep, where I learned many of my cooking skills and as I got older I worked in his office doing administrative work.  The value of learning from dad is priceless.  

 So celebrate your dad on Father's Day.  Let him know how much you've appreciated his time and support over the years.  My family will be celebrating with some BBQ from Q39 and then we are going to start packing up items in my basement.  Not because we are moving.  Simply because we are going to paint the basement walls and replace all of the flooring.  It's not a small task.

We will be using plastic bins so that we can stack them all in an organized way until the work is finished.  If you have a similar project or you are moving, take a look at bins4moves.com and rent your plastic bins and a dolly.  The number of plastic bins you select for rental will be delivered to your door and picked up when you are finished.  Who needs all of that cardboard box building and tear down.  The process is simple.  It might even be something you want to share with your dad.


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