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Bins4Moves Featured at The Kessler Residents for Plastic Moving Box Service

Bins4moves, premier moving bin company in Kansas City, has partnered with Pinnacle Properties to bring you an amazing deal.   

Kessler Residents receive $10 savings on our most popular packages and custom bin rentals.  

Why rent bins VS cardboard boxes

  • Save money, with this amazing offer
  • Packing is much Faster with uniform bin sizes
  • Bins are Strong won't crush or tear
  • Perfect fit dolly makes moving boxes very easy
  • Plate and cup inserts are designed to protect your glassware
  • Bins are Eco friendly
  • Free Bin drop off and pick-up
  • Ready to go - no box building

Don't forget to use the discount code at check out

Also, check out our list of helpful moving tips!  You'll be glad you did.

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