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A Mother's POV

I had the great fortune of spending Mother's Day with my two amazing daughters and my husband.  It was not like Mother's Day celebrations in the past.  Due to COVID-19, our extended family did not join in the celebration and we had a nice meal at home instead of eating in one of our favorite restaurants.  
Many things are different this year because of COVID-19 and I am proud to say how much I appreciate the people in Olathe.  The support for healthcare workers and all of those who are working to support our essential services is amazing! The signs of encouragement in front of the grocery stores would not have been there in years past - yet I do believe our community appreciates those who make groceries available to us.  The "Light Up Olathe" event that took place in April to honor all of the front line workers would not have occurred in years past - yet I know our community appreciates the Police department, Fire department and Emergency services teams.  Deep down, I believe we all have an appreciation for one another.  I think it took COVID-19 for all of us to say it out loud.
I have several great neighbors who have decided to relocate to other parts of the KC metro area and in the past I may have simply wished them well, but this year I was certain to share with them how great I thought they were and how much I would miss having them as neighbors.  
We live in a safe and friendly community full of many great small businesses.  Let's be sure to show our support for our local community - not just in how we spend our dollars but in the words and attitudes we share with them as well.
One of my favorite local services is bins4moves.  If you are moving within the KC metro area and you need moving boxes, you should consider renting plastic moving boxes as an alternative to the traditional cardboard ones.  You simply place your order and the plastic moving boxes are delivered to you and then picked up after you move.  No need to tape up boxes or break them down once the move is complete.  I love it!  So simple and environmentally friendly.
I love all of the opportunities and access that living in Olathe provides. 
Join me in sharing those thoughts from now on - not just when we experience a crisis.

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