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What will be delivered when I rent the bins?

What size are the bins?

What kind of items can fit in a bin?

How heavy is a bin?

How many bins can I stack on top of each other?

How many bins will I need?

What if I need more bins?

How long can I keep the bins?

Will Bins4Moves help me move?


What happens after I place my order?

Bin Delivery

Can you do a rush delivery?

Where do you deliver?

Can you deliver to other locations?

Do I have to be present for when the bins are delivered?

Can I still order bins if I'm moving outside of the KC area?


How do I cancel my order?

Bin Pick-Up

How is pick-up done?

What if I want to hold onto my bins for longer than 2 weeks?

What if I want to keep just a few bins for longer and not all of them?

Do I have to be present for when the bins are picked up?

What happens if I don't return all the bins?

What if a bin or dolly gets damaged?